Friday, December 14, 2007

The Legendary First Post

"Seafood Rocks." -quote A.M., market manager

I've been working at an upscale grocery store in New Bern, North Carolina since late April. Let's nickname this place Hairy Peter to protect the ignorant. From my first day, i knew that this was no ordinary place... This is an environment in which the sucky-ness of racism, opression, poor communication skills, sex, drugs, lies, and ass kissing are not only rampantly practiced, but heartily encouraged. I wish i would have begun this blog months ago.. I hope to have a few fans, or maybe at least some folks who are curious about the goings on in a meat/seafood department. Whoops... Forgot to add that i am also a Meat Flunky. Let's get started... First official work post after i get off tonight. Any comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome.

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TheSilverPen said...

It's good to know our family isn't the only part of the population that calls it the Hairy Peter. We also shop at Spewge Lion (spelling of Spewge uncertain). Love your blog!