Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Round Table- Volume 14! (Late!)

What's up everyone? You know Negroes are always late for everything! (I just noticed that I have a Google ad on my site that says, "Stop Racism". SMH...) I'm checking in from my cave of fishy goodness to let yall know about some awesome stuff that I've seen this week.

Ali of El Vermino Boulevard is taking a bit of a breather; Where the hell are all of the St. Paddy's Day winos?

Bitter over at bitterwaitress is reminding me again of why I love her, especially because of her STD. Old people suck fuzzy kitties out of drainpipes!

Bitchy Waitress at "At Least Call Me Miss" is totally right on the money with this one. I'm so sick of fucking stuff up while trying to meet a goal for speed. You don't have to go nursing-home slow to take a minute and make sure your shit is correct.

Restaurant Gal is back, and reviewing a restaurant-themed movie I have been curious about for quite awhile. Great review! Might even be worth hunting the bootleg man down for!

Ah! Ryan! I serve idiots, too! I totally would have slipped some Visine in the drink of any yuppie-in-training with a mouth like that. Jesus Christ!

Upset Waitress almost made me crap myself from laughing. Long live blogging, dammit!

Manuel at the Well Done Fillet is being mildly horrified by obese, gangsta whales; But sometimes, customers are the most satisfying form of entertainment, especially when they tip 25%.

Lobster Boy (My brothafromanothamotha) struck a nerve with me in this old-school post. Why are some people such cheap bitches? SMH... You can always see the scammers 50 miles away.

Waiter Rant shows us again that arrogant, snarky SOBs are easily manipulated: They can and should be taken advantage of as much as possible.

Ribeye, I have a suggestion. When these little vag-heads try to buy drinks underage, agree, and use rubbing alcohol in place of whater liquor they request.

Tony Dine, I see you! :) I think that "wine experts" (or old farts with too much time and money who eat out WAY too much) just need a few puffs of reefer before the meal. It will make Wild Irish Rose taste like a $80 vintage wine.

And finally, I am going to start making up for lost time, with an explanation for my tardiness here at the Seafood Department. Next week's Round Table will be hosted over at El Vermino Boulevard... Big ups to Ribeye for allowing me to host this week! Although I'm sure Affirmative Action played a major part ;-) .

The links should work this time, thanks to Ribeye doing some editing.


Ribeye of your Dreams said...

Not so much Affirmative Action as trying to get other people to host, and I knew you could do it! You did a great job sweetheart, even if you are a bleeder...I mean a woman =)

J/k sweety. I'm glad you did such a good job, and I'm glad to have you as a part of the Round Table.


Anonymous said...

but all the links are broken...

Food Service Ninja said...

hey I cant use any of the links in the roundtable. The site link gives me the sites main page with no roundtable post on it or link to it.
The post link gives me a webpage of www.http.com//the regular link addie which gives me a searchmachine.com web page. Eaxmple addie http://www.http.com//atleastcallmemiss.blogspot.com/2008/03/lesson-in-kicking-ourselves-in-ass.html

Ribeye of your Dreams said...

Hey everyone, I got the links working again. It took a couple of days, but it's working right now.