Monday, May 19, 2008

A Hot Stankin Mess.

Hey, I love you guys. Thank's for being patient (kinda) about my absence! My cooking journey screeched to a halt as I hit a female bail-bondsman as she tried to turn in front of me at an intersection. I actually was just leaving Auto-Zone, seriously frazzled because I found out my exhaust system needed a $50 part. Anywhooo...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Listening To: The Silent Treatment
Current mood: okay
today was a slightly awesome day...... waiting on the manager at harris teeter to get up with me on that criminal background check, so i can get this drug test over with. thank goodness i passed on that reefer last week!!!! lol.

That was a post I made last year on my myspace blog. Jeebus, I was happy! On May 5th, 2008, I celebrated(suffered through) my 1-year anniversary at the Hairy Peeter. I got my bonus check. We (Hee Haw) failed another fuckin LP audit. He's good for a chuckle or two on a seafood-related work blog, but he is not fun to work for. I saw his cheap ass in drive-through one morning at the Fling, where he ordered two Ham Omlette ($1 for each one and you buttfuck us about using too many DISPOSABLE gloves? Miserly ass-goblin.) sandwiches and a "swait tay".
Dammit, I need to stay on track. I wish that the Teet was a music-free establishment. Muzak is one of the worst methods of torture I can think of. That, combined with a 5 hour shift is enough to make me want to kill myself by wandering around a busy highway while blindfolded. The music of the moment is completely up to the MOD. When Slim's aggravating ass is working, the Muzak is tuned into a station that sounds like a compilation of "forest scenes" of every Disney movie ever made. One busy Thursday, Tattoed Tim looked up from the pile of ribeyes he was trimming to ask, "What the hell is that? Isn't it from Bambi?" Next, if Hee-Haw is calling the shots, it's straight up hits from the 80's, highlights being "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" and "Yah Mo B There". Not the worst ever. Frangela, however, takes it upon herself to "update" the sounds a little, with the tired-ass "Pop" station. I swear to fuckity fuck, if I hear this song three times in one hour again, I'm leaving the Teet and never looking back. I had to go and make it ten times worse by looking up the video on Youtube this morning. Now I'll be able to picture the douchebag at the end of the video bouncing his ass on an excercise ball when I hear this shit. The squid is coming! Also, reviews of some Burger Fling Food...


staticwarp said...

yeah, fuck that song! my boss had some shitty pop station on here at darbys. it got so bad that the supervisor we are training spent an hour flipping through the muzak thing before he found a channel that didnt suck. now i get to hear the shit from the 80's that i hate, like fucking lon shmenly and lyre tates over and over again, but at least it's puncuated by depatch code and the lure singles. fuck muzak!

blutoismyidol said...

I swear to god If I hear Ya Mo be there one more fucking time im going to Ya Mo burn this place to the gound.
-40 yr old virgin

such words of wisdom.