Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck

You know something? It's some real, grown up shit when you finally realize that you have to take responsibility for your own fucking actions. I walked around in a pissy mood all night because my hours are getting cut, they are bringing in another part-timer from fuckin produce. I'M SLACKING OFF. I must be smoking crack to think that Big Brother is not watching when I'm goofing off, on the phone, taking a more than thirty minute lunch, or not tearing myself away from some Bible-thumping Jesus freak while on the clock. It's my freakin fault! Fuck, it fucking sucks to admit it. I'm not used to owning up to my shortcomings. But that's the only way I can change my future. If I don't it could lead to worse, as far as being terminated. My job-hopping ass cannot afford to do another change right now. at least wait until you issue those motherfucking bonus checks!! Ugh!! I feel dumb.

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